Sherry Boddie ’98 Publishes her Second Children’s Book

Sherry Boddie '98 Publishes her Second Children's Book

We Play to Stay Awake is Sherry Boddie’s second children’s book. We Play to Stay Awake is a story about three energetic, fun loving kids who don’t like going to bed, ever! Although they try to stay up late their parents are always there to send them back to bed.

Sherry Boddie has always had a passion for family and the arts. She finds inspiration for her characters and their stories through real life experiences. Her first book Curly’s Fun with Bubbles was inspired by her oldest child. We Play To Stay Awake was inspired by her son and the twins. As a mom, Sherry believes it’s important for children of color to have positive images and characters that look like them, which is why she’s made it her mission to continue writing.

Although the characters are African American the story is one that all kids and adults will enjoy. We Play to Stay Awake is a paperback book and is available at online retailers as well as local community events in the Raleigh area. The reading level is first grade, however this book is appropriate for toddlers to 8 years old.