Board of Directors


Curtis Odom, EdD ’90

Vice President

Susan Leach DeBlasio, Esq. ’66


Stephen Imondi ’80


Stephen E. Pascarella II, CPA ’73

Immediate Past President: David Tracy, Esq. ’70
Elaine Berlinsky Fain, M.D. ’66
Sergio DeSousarosa ’85
Stephen Hickey ’69
Barbara Greenberg Sokoloff ’60
Ryan Holt, Esq. ’05
Michael Perreault ’84
Guy Pirolli ’73
Anthony Regine, DDS ’51
Jennifer Scorpio DiBiasio ’83
Shelley Woods Whiting ’87

A Letter From Curtis Odom

Dear Classical High School Students and Alumni,

I am excited to write my first official letter to you as President of our Classical High School Alumni Association (CHSAA).

Thank you again to David Tracy, our outgoing President for his leadership, and faith in me in passing the torch. And, thank you to each of member of the Board of Directors for your vote of confidence in my ability to lead our Alumni Organization. To all current Classical students, Classical alumni, and Principal Scott Barr, allow me to share my leadership philosophy with you.

Simply put, we are now, and will continue to grow as a service organization. We will be known going forward as an organization that is in service to the students our alma mater first, to our alumni second, and to leaving a legacy of servant leadership third. As President, it is my plan to make whatever changes the Board of Directors agrees collectively are necessary to meet our mission of service in keeping with my leadership philosophy.

For too long, our Alumni Association has asked for your donations of money and time without telling you what you get for either. That reputation will officially end under my watch. We are working to create a more transparent organization. We want you to see where the time, and money you have donated is being put to use. We will create an ongoing transparency for you to see the unique challenges, and successes of the students of our alma mater.

Classical High School in both building condition and student body makeup, today looks very different from the one version of the school that exists in our memories as alumni. While it may look very different, the level of success of our bright students, the hallmark of our alma mater for proven academic excellence, and the reputation of a Classical education remain simply stellar.

With your confidence in the Board of Directors, we have the opportunity to build an alumni association of which all of our members, both old and new can be proud. To that end, I am sharing a few of the many items from my plan of action for my first 90 days in office:

1. Relocate monthly board meetings to the library at Classical High School
2. Schedule a 2-day board retreat in January in Providence for the entire board
3. Design and launch of a voice of the customer/alumni survey
4. Build both infrastructure and capacity with the revision of current job descriptions
5. Approve the disbursement of money from the budget to fund the requested teacher grants
6. Work toward the release of our first annual report as a not for profit organization

With your help, the time is now for all of us to rededicate our time and talent to being true servant leaders of Classical. It is time for all of us to recommit to our Alumni Association to serving our current and future members in the truest spirit of the motto of our beloved Classical … To Strive, To Seek, To Find, and Not To Yield.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or words of support you may share with me by email in reaction to my plans for our way forward.

Classically Yours,

Dr. Curtis Odom ‘90

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