Annual Campaign

Dear Fellow Classical Alumni,

The Classical High School Alumni Association is proud to launch its 10th Annual Fund Campaign. We are so grateful for the generosity you have shown in the past and sincerely hope that you will consider making another donation this year. As an Alumni Association, our mission is to support the current generation of Classical students. We achieve this through donations from alumni like you.

Because of your generous support over the last ten years, the Alumni Association has been able to fund academic, music, cultural, and athletic programs, along with upgrades to classroom technology. The Annual Fund gives students the opportunity to learn and explore outside of the classroom through field trips and participation in state and national competitions. Grants are also awarded to Classical Faculty sending them to Advanced Placement training to ensure the high academic standards for which the school is known.

We realize that you receive many worthwhile requests for donations from other philanthropic organizations. Giving to the Classical High School Alumni Association is a way for you to honor the impact your Classical education has had on your life by paying it forward to the current generation. The bonds formed at Classical are enduring and heartfelt. By donating to the Alumni Association, you contribute to creating an environment that will foster lifelong friendships, and build careers that will impact the greater good.

Our goal this year is to raise $150,000. Any amount you give is greatly appreciated and will offer Classical students opportunities not funded by the Providence School Department budget. With school budgets shrinking year over year, gifts such as yours allow us to Keep Classical Strong.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

2017 Annual Fund

The mission of the Classical Alumni Association is to preserve and support the tradition of Classical High School, build and maintain relationships among its alumni and friends, raise funds for both school and Association activities and enhance the educational experience of current students at the school.

What is the Classical Annual Fund and why is it important?

The Classical Annual Fund consists of contributions of an unrestricted nature given by alumni, parents and friends. The need for unrestricted giving is critical as it allows the school and Association to support important programs not provided for in the school department budget. Contributions to the Annual Fund support the areas of great- est need at the school as identified by the Principal in consultation with faculty and staff as well as the Alumni Association’s Allocations Committee. Contributions to the Annual Fund also help the Association support alumni programming, specifically the Distinguished Alumni Awards, Golden Circle Luncheon and other alumni events designed to bring alumni closer to each other and the school.

How can I help the Association meet its goals?

The Association hopes that all alumni and parents will realize the urgent need for outside funds and that everyone will participate in the Annual Fund. Without gifts from alumni, parents and friends, Classical High School cannot provide the comprehensive program its students deserve and need if they are to compete effectively in the global environment of the 21st Century. Therefore, we ask you to do what you can each and every year so that there is a dependable source of support for the important initiatives the school identifies. Gifts of all sizes are crucial – whether a gift of $25 or a gift of $25,000 – all are appreciated and bring us closer to our goals.

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Is my gift tax-deductible?Yes, the CHSAA is a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization. Gifts to the Association are deductible for federal income, gift and estate tax purposes under the applicable sections of the Internal Revenue Code.

How can I make a gift to support Classical?

Interested donors can send a check to the Classical High School Alumni Association. You may also pay by credit card; please include your number and expiration date (AMEX, VISA and MasterCard are accepted.) Alumni can visit for information.

Make A Donation

All donations will be made to the Annual Fund, unless otherwise specified.